Shaders Plus – A Actual-Time Caustics, Dispersion, & Skinny Movie for Cycles & Eevee [$]

SMOUSE writes:

Shaders Plus: The add-on that means that you can obtain Actual-Time Caustics, Dispersion, and bodily correct Skinny-Movie Interference results to the default BSDF shaders!

The Actual-Time Caustics are doable by way of using the shadow data of your object, by way of a shader, permitting it to emulate practical shadow-caustic results. This lets you obtain prime quality caustics on even the slowest of computer systems!

Listed here are some instance of that!

This Shader Addon additionally supplies results into the default BSDF shaders, that had been beforehand unique to paid third celebration render engines, reminiscent of Octane, Redshift, or Arnold. Options reminiscent of Glass Dispersion, and Bodily Correct Skinny-Movie Interference.

Briefly, Dispersion is when you possibly can see a rainbow of colours in sure areas of clear objects, like Glass, Plastic, or Water. Type of like an inside prism, or chromatic abberation.
Listed here are some examples…

Skinny-Movie Interference is just like the magic that makes oil spots shine with colours on the street, or turns cleaning soap bubbles into wavy rainbows. It is even why some anodized metals look colourful, or pearlescent! As an alternative of utilizing a full rainbow, it procedurally, bodily precisely produces a brief line of colours that maintain repeating in pairs till they flip type of grey. Pioneered by Robert Moerland, PhD, this impact makes it doable to get these correct, business commonplace ends in Blender for the primary time ever!

Listed here are some Skinny Movie examples…

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