Motionographer® Sizzling Canine and Cheese Collide in Oscar Mayer’s Cease Movement Spot

Oscar Mayer solutions the query of how Cheese Canine got here to life in a brand new spot that takes the pop-art-inspired model to an area it hasn’t been earlier than: cease movement.

Directed by famend cease movement animator Anthony Farquhar-Smith and created by Johannes Leonardo, the spot combines its product fact and viewers curiosity in motion films to display what occurs when a sizzling canine automobile and a cheese automobile collide. A Cheese Canine is born, in fact!

For the model that’s all about seeing the much less critical facet of life, this easy inventive method provides an amusing backstory to the creation of the Cheese Canine.

Jeph Burton, Johannes Leonardo group Inventive director explains, “This concept is deeply rooted in—simply kidding, this product known as a ‘cheese canine.’ A CHEESE DOG. So the one actual factor on our minds was, ‘What’s essentially the most enjoyable technique to convey this to life?’ Oscar Mayer’s all about seeing the much less critical facet of life, so we jumped on the bit to take the pop artwork–impressed model into an area it hasn’t been: cease movement. So we put the pedal to the metallic and got down to make scrumptious, melty Velveeta cheese and savoury Oscar Mayer sizzling canines actually collide. Working in collaboration with the wonderful filmmaker Anthony Farquhar-Smith, we created a high-octane want for cheese. And just like the sort of insanely scrumptious product the Oscar Mayer Cheese Canine is, it shouldn’t work… but it surely completely does.”

You possibly can see extra of the undertaking here