Constructing a customized broom controller for Hogwarts Legacy

Constructing a customized broom controller for Hogwarts Legacy

Arduino StaffJune ninth, 2023

For followers of Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy is a dream recreation. It drops you into the Potterverse the place you possibly can change into a wizard, casting spells and using brooms to your coronary heart’s content material. It’s a very immersive recreation, however you lose a few of that immersion while you understand you’re truly simply pushing buttons on a gamepad. That’s why YouTuber ‘That’s So Mo’ constructed a customized Hogwarts Legacy controller on a duplicate Nimbus 2000 broom.

The broom itself is the property of Mo’s pal. It’s a very costly prop reproduction that appears similar to the Nimbus 2000 from the movies. Mo couldn’t danger any harm to that, so he connected all the elements to a block of packing foam that may slide on and off the broom deal with. These elements embody an Arduino, an accelerometer, and an ultrasonic distance sensor.

Because of its onboard ATmega32U4 microcontroller, the Arduino is configurable to look as a USB HID gamepad when related to a PC. The button presses it sends rely upon the orientation of the broom stick and the place of the rider’s physique. The accelerometer displays orientation whereas the ultrasonic sensor checks the space to the rider’s torso. So if the rider tucks in near the Nimbus 2000, the in-game avatar will velocity up. If the rider leans proper, the avatar will flip proper.

With this controller, Mo can play like he’s actually using a brush — a minimum of for so long as his pal lets him borrow the Nimbus 2000!

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